vortex x10 pre programmed maps

i have a 2010 yz450f and i have a vortex x10 installed on it. is there anywhere i can find a list of the 10 pre programmed maps installed? the unit came on the bike when i bought it so no paperwork provided. any help would be greatly appreciated.



I've searched everywhere for the same kind of answers for my box on my 06. Where did you buy the bike? If in cali, there is a good chance the box was purchased through mtracing. You can look them up and get their number and give him a call. The trouble is (for when I was trying to find the same information for my box atleast) is they produce some maps when they first start playing with the 2010's or what ever year, then as the year goes on they can find points to change the maps. I guess there is really no certain way to know for sure what maps are on your box unless you have or can get the paper work that came with it when purchased. Call and talk to them, they might have different information for you and go from there. Good luck!

i spoke with the previous owner and he told me he had the bike dynode and mapped the best they could get it and he deleted the other 9 maps? huh weird... the bike rips tho so I'm not too interested in changing much,just always curious abo options

Little odd since most people save different ignition maps for elevation, fuel, conditions, etc. Doesn't Vortex offer customer support for you to be able to get more baseline maps? Or do you have to send the ignition back in for that?

i looked into that, and its about 800$ for the vortex "tuner" ( vortex has really expensive software for your pc and you need to buy an adapter to plug it into your pc. ) i think the best bet would be to send it to them to load more maps on or at least tell me whats up. they guy i bought it from told me he had it dynode and set perfectly.... but for what trace conditions, skill level etc.... no one will ever know. i think I'm goona have it sent out to tokyo mods or somewhere n have it looked at. although i think it runs great! no complaints.

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