FI 450's any tall guys using the rear bar mounts?

I've had my bars in the forward position on my 2011 since I bought it. Every time I hop on a different buddies bike they seem to have the bars further back than mine. Now I'm wondering if there's a disadvantage to having the bars forward? I'm going to swap it to the back position tomorrow and try it but it got me wondering.

Mine came with the bars in the rear position and one day was just sitting on the bike and just felt cramped, so I decided to move them to the forward position and never looked back. Felt immediate difference for the better, felt I was better able to maintain good posture and position. I should probably mention I'm 6'2 and don't have exactly short arms. Keep us posted on your findings!

i bought 2010 from a big dude like 6'2" and he had em foreword... i hated it (I'm about 5'11" 155lbs.) i put em to the rear position and never looked back. my 2 cents is try em back, if u like it great, if not put me back foreword, only takes a couple mins at the track in between practices. its nice we have the option to do that now! also, i got rid of the pro tapers and went with the renthal twin walls windham bend, night and day difference for my likings, I'm not fond of tapers.

I'm 6'4" forward mount carmicheal hi bend

I'm 6'2 and I rode with them in the rear position and it felt like I was fighting to keep myself back. I went back to the front position again and I feel more balanced. I'm also running Cr High bars on mine too. I bought some Pastrana FMX bars to help with standing, but in the end I don't think I'm quite tall enough for them and stuck with my CR High's. If anyone's interested I still have them and they are like new.

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