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Before I spend any more money on sprockets would someone that has experience with a WR450 on the street please suggest a gear setup? I want to be able to commute on the freeway (about 15 minutes) but still play in the desert. I saw in another thread that someone liked 14-47 for the street. What do you think?

I run 13/48 on mine (07) It still works well in the woods. I don't know what you need for large expances of sand we only have small runs of it here. I can run about 70(mph) for short distance I have had it up to a top speed of 95(mph) and had not hit the rev limiter but she is wound right up there. check out this site

16/48. Cruise 70mph at 6000rpm (my tach reading)

You could run 15/48 for short distances or slower, I wouldnt run any shorter than 15/48 for anything over 60.

Before Rekluse I swapped countershaft sprockets 15t to 13t for trails. Worked great, cruised 60mph on the 15t

The rekluse enables me to run 16/48 even on super nasty bootleg.. I hardly shift.

Stock chain length works too.

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It depends which year bike you have because internal ratios changed in 05. 15/48 works really well for me on my 03 (stock was 14/50).

It depends which year bike you have because internal ratios changed in 05. 15/48 works really well for me on my 03 (stock was 14/50).

Major oversight. Sorry about that. It's a 2012.


I am running a 16/50 and was considering a 16/48 for my dualsported 2002 wr426. Would I notice much of a difference on the road to lower the rpm a bit by dropping to the 48? The 16/50 works pretty good all around but would just like to lower the rpms a bit on the road. I do not want to hurt the first gear riding too much in gnarly stuff though.


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I'm debating if i want to switch out sprockets on my street legal '05 as well. Its got stock gearing, and i run it around 50-55 for about 20 miles at a time, but don't like to go quiker i feel like i'm runnin high enough RPM.

So if I decided to gear up for the street, would there be any advantage to switching both front and rear gears? For example, i'm running 14/50 stock, gearing commander says if I switch to 15/48 i'd be at 5775rpm at 60.5 mph. OR i could switch down to say a 14/42, only changing my rear, i'd get 64.5 mph at same rpm. WIth my stock gearing i'm only getting 54.5mph at that rpm. It seems like it'd be cheaper, and lots quicker to just switch one when i'd want to switch out the gearing to go hit some singletrack.

This is my first time gearing a dirtbike, so i'm not sure the advantage of switching out both or just the rear, as it seems the rear would be the easier of the two if i were only swapping one out.

tmas, I wonder which would sprocket change would most likely necessitate a change in chain length? Could you get away with just changing front sprokets and stay with one chain length?

That's a good point duggram...i didn't think about that :/ it would make sense that maybe changing only the front would allow me to keep the same chain length, maybe it's gonna be trial and error till i figure out the right gearing. I'm planning on ordering +1 on the front and -2 on the back for now and i'll start experimenting i guess!

thats why I run a 48 rear... same chain length 16t to 13t stock length works for both.

JCbikes... check out

thanks n16ht5. Can you feel much of a difference between a 50 and 48 in the rear?

I don't know about n16ht5, but I can feel one tooth difference in the rear sprocket. So I would think almost everyone could feel a difference in two teeth.


Try it (48) and see.. If it is too tall, you can run a smaller front on tough trails and swap for hwy. I feel a diff with 1 tooth as well.

Running tall gearing has made me faster, much faster on trails..

Thanks guys. I will give a 48 a try.

n16ht5 thanks! I started with 15/50. Couidn't get the right adjustment on the chain, but it felt good on the street. Today I got a 48. Not sure if it felt that much different but the chain adjusts now with no hassle. I have a 16 on order and will give that a try when it comes in, but 15/48 feels nice around town.

I have WR400 that's street legal and I went from the stock 14/50 to 15/50 so it would not be in the high rpm range at 65mph. It helped some but I just picked up a 46 rear sprocket because a 16 tooth does not fit the 400s due to clearance issues. How do you think my 15/46 will work? Will I need to take links out of the chain?

Depends how far your adjuster is. If you can slide it back it might fit.

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