Will the real Howard Huge please stand up.

I've been holding back on this story because it is a bit humerous at the expense of another rider. But it is so funny I have to share it. It is also one of the most memorible moments from our Moab trip.

If you are the other rider, don't take this the wrong way. It is all in fun. Most of us have been in a situation that wasn't funny at the time where we were frustrated and later looked back on it and laughed.

Howard Huge is just the kind of guy us Colorado boys like to ride with. He has a great sense of humor, likes to talk it up a bit, and has some competitiveness that always makes things interesting. In fact, one day he was at the front of the pack on a dirt road. I blasted past him at about 80 mph. I slowed down just a little and he practicaly bumped my elbows as he passed me back at about the same speed right on the edge of the road. Once I finally got over laughing my ass off, we stopped and that's where I took the picture of him jumping that is on the front of the WR400 page.

So anyway, a group of us were riding the Gold Bar rim. This trail has some nice technical spots. Spots that can be attacked from many different angles to make it more or less challenging. One of the riders in our group (XR600) was climbing a technical section on the easiest line and got hung up. It can happen to all of us. Howard waited patiently for a minute or two but when he saw the other rider was getting frustrated and couldn't get past the spot, Howard decided to attack the obsticle from a much harder line. Twist the throttle and GO FOR IT! He made it up with no problem. I then took a similar line and got to the top with no mishaps.

As the frustration of the XR600 rider grew by seeing us easily clean this object that he couldn't get going on (I heard bad words but couldn't quite make them out specifically), Howard went back down the narly section and came back up again on an even tougher section. To rub it in even more, he hit the technical section with speed and caught air off the top, landed flat at a stop and yelled, 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'. Then to absolutely rub it in the stuck riders face, Howard rode back down the obsicle AND DID IT AGAIN AND CAUGHT MORE AIR AND CROSSED UP THE BARS!

I laughed my ass off for a long time!

Unfortunately, the XR600 rider didn't see the humor in this and threw his XR down on the rock in frustration.

Howard Howard Howard. Didn't you mom teach you to be polite? :)

Ah! It's nice to finally get that story out in the air. I hope no one is pissed at me for telling it or Howard for just loving his bike and this sport.



I remember that Honda rider. Had the perfect tire for Moab slickrock--no knobs. I was amazed he got up some of the hills on that beast.

Bryan thanks for sharing those memories of Moab. As you know I wouldn't intentionally rub in a thing like going down on the easy route it happens to all of us. Although I am glad that it happened, it forced us to get creative in our line choice and turned out to be great fun so much fun in fact that I couldn't help myself from exploring the possibilites :D And buzzing down that road got kind of interesting at the end when the rocks started popping out everywhere at about 80mph great fun. I am proud to have ridden with all of you and would jump at the chance to do it again :)

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