lower fork guards

Anybody know where to get lower fork guards in black? I like the carbon fiber set but at a hundred dollars they are a little too expensive. Thanks for the help.

Angel Boy

angel boy, i've been looking for about a year to no avail. my WR is all black & silver & i don't like the white guards. so, i hope we hear from someone else. pls post @ the forum if u find 'em, o.k.?....bobwombat

Factory FX makes fork guard stickers that are black and have "Yamaha" on them. They have a pattern that looks like carbon fiber and it looks like it would cover most if not all of the guard. I think the set was around $16.00

UFO makes black fork guards, I seen them on Motosport-outlet for sale. For got the price. ~Hit-man~


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

I put the GYTR carbon guards on, love em!

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