Chain question

This is kind of a stupid question, but how much should your chain stretch after 6 months of use? It seems that I have to adjust my chain tension every other time I ride. The chain nor the sprocket look like they are wearing funny, but it concerns me that I have had to adjust the thing so much. Not to mention, that my base is getting longer and longer.

Not to worry you or anything but this is what my chain was doing before my rear hub blew up. I tried to compensate for the stretch by going tighter than three fingers of slack-big mistake. Try getting a top quality chain such as a DID gold or a sidewinder stainless steel chain. My sidwinder hasn't stretched at all with 2 months of riding on it.


The stock chain is junk! If you replace it with some quality you'll be much happier! Plus your sprockets will last a lot longer. The first things I changed on my 426 were the chain and handlebars. Both junk!

Well, I guess I will be pulling out my credit card once again. I guess since I am going to get a new chain, I might as well get a new sprocket. I think I will try a 51 (steel). Any openions on Renthal vs. Afam vs. Sunstar as far as cost and quality?

I've had great luck with Sprocket Specialists sprockets and

Regina O-ring chains. If you go with the SS stuff, get the

Titan Tough.

Be shure to buy new sprockets when you are getting the new chain. If they sprockets are worn they will just wear out your new chai in no time even if you buy an expensive one.

The first thing I did on my new bike was change the chain and handlebars. The stock parst are just s**t.


I saw your looking at going to a 51 tooth rear sprocket. What type of riding are you doing with your bike? If it is in the woods, that is a good choice. I have a 51 tooth on mine but I find a 50 tooth sprocket or even the stock 49 tooth sprocket makes for less shifting as the bike will pull a bit longer with the smaller sprocket. My 2 cents worth.


next time put on a real x-ring chain when you put new sprockets on. The DID is the best. I found the lowest price for one at It is a good idea to through the stock chain away before you even use it.

Most of the tracks in the area close during the winter months. So, I figure I will be riding the trais most of the winter. I figured a 51 tooth on the rear would give me a little more down low in the tight stuff and make it easier for log crossings and such.

I usually ride street bikes. This 426 is the first dirt bike I have had since a kid. I have seen bits and pieces about 'O' vs. 'X' chains. For someone that is just riding to have a good time, not competing in races, which chain is more suitable? Is maintenance the big issue in the differences in the chains?

I have had pre-mature wear on the joining links when I use X Ring chains?

It is the width of the chain (RK GB520) :) but the non O rings don't seem to last as long.

Anyone else have this prob (Chain guide wears the outside of the c clip)?

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