2012 WR 450F-Throttle stop screw

Did a quick search and couldn't find what I needed.

I have a 2012 Yamaha WR450F and it has a security torx throttle stop screw like my old 2003 WR250F. I got it out but don't know how much to cut to make it go full throttle. Older posts said to cut it to 18.2mm (from 24mm), which is 1/4". That still right?

Also, I remember if the screw is cut too short, it allows the throttle to go too far, which the TPS doesn't like.

I can't find the YZ throttle screw listed in the online parts fiche, anyone have a part number for it?

So no one can confirm the exact length for the throttle screw that allows full throttle on a 2012 450F?

Read through any one of the 25 other '12 WR threads for the answer.

Or search harder.

FYI, the answer is there is no need for the screw on the 12, simply replace it with something that keeps dirt from entering the threads. Or cut the stock flush.

I don't even have a '12 but I've read it so much on here......

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