06 wr450 suspension setup

How do I go about setting up my suspension better? It is way too soft and bottoms out front and rear off a 2 foot drop.

If you want to get your suspension working really well, send it off to a tuner to get reworked. Factory Connection has a lot of experience with these forks because of their dealings with the AmPro Yamaha team.


If you want to do the work yourself:

Step 1. Change your springs? Unless you are 150lbs or lighter, the oem springs are too soft.

I am 165 lbs and have increased my spring weights twice. I am using a 0.48kg and 0.50kg spring combo in the forks. Oem was 0.45kg. 0.47 was too soft.

I am using a 5.7kg shock spring. Oem is 5.3kg. 5.5 was too soft.

Step 2. First I recommend you buy RaceTech's "Suspension Bible" and read the first few chapters.

Forks: Buy a fork oil measuring tool. Change fork oil to 10wt. Set the oil height (aka air chamber) to 110mm with your new tool. Turn up your compression on the forks (clockwise) until you like the results or if the ride gets harsh then back off. You may have to back off a few clicks (counterclockwise) on the rebound with the heavier oil.

Shock: Turn up the low speed compression, and if necessary, the high speed compression. If the back end starts to float up on jumps, back off the high speed compression. Small adjustments make a big difference on the high speed compression.

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