BK, are you out there? Need 250F LC's

BK, on February 2, you posted lobe center numbers for the 426. Do you have any hot LC's for the YZ250F? Thanks for your help.

I think this topic needs a BUMP


I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

I don't know what a "bump" is but I'm guessing it means you are sick of this topic. I did do a search on the topic before I posted but did not find an answer for the 250F or I wouldn't have bothered anyone.

very interesting, my apologies. I'm new at this. The cam gears are pressed off the cams and reinstalled using a degree wheel. Some of the race teams experiment and come up with positions which work much better than the manufacturers middle of the road settings. You can realize (but not always) performance which can put other mods like aftermarket pipes to shame. Obviously this must be done by a skilled person. You can also use LC's which are specific to low end power or high end power. I have a guy here in the Orlando area who will do this for around $300. He is very good and has built road race motors in the past which have won the Daytona 200 against factory bikes.

You may consider calling Doug Dubach or White Brothers and ask for Gary Jones. I think he builds/maintains their YZF race bikes. I have talked to him before and he was quite helpful, but I don't know if they alter cam timing or if he does 250s as well as the 426.

i'm sure the figures will be the same.

you can't go wrong following them really. follow the 426 numbers.

if you're advancing the exhaust cam figures you're makig the engine's valve to piston margin safer. if your retarding the inlet cam timing you're making it safer. when i modified my YZ timed WR to my own figures (which are close to BK's) i was making the engine 'safer'.

why not get your timing figures checked and post them here?




Nope, you took it the wrong way. Bump means that he was interested in it to and posted a reply so that it would be bumped to the top of the list and everyone would see it again in hopes of attracting more responses.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


A "bump" is a new posting to the thread that will push it back up to the top of the recent topics list. A posting such as motoman's acccomplishes this and also demonstrates interest in a meaningful reply.

I don't even know what I would do with LC numbers, but I'm intrigued. So, You've got my interest as well and you get another bump :)

--- Sorry for the redundant response. I didn't see your reply Khris.

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BUMPING back to the top .. I never saw the 426 numbers and I also have a 250F which I was curious to get numbers for ...

For BK's 426 numbers do a search for BK and look at his Feb. 2nd post. Also note by his comments he obviously was giving out good info. Did anyone ever try his numbers?

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