2012 WR450 Supermoto wheels

So i just got home with my new wr450f and im already ready to start messing with it. One of my questions is, are the axel and spacing different on the 2012 versus other year wr's or even yz's? Can i get a set of supermoto wheels off another year used and swap em on? Also anyone have a good gears recommendation for street riding on the wr? Im planing on having two sets of wheels, one with the dirt setup and stock gearing, another with 17's and a supermoto brake.

Last whats your guys recommendation on pipes and fuel/ecu upgrades? Ive been reading around but cant find a good comparison article. Im an akrapovic man myself but as such i know how expensive they can be. Also anyone have any experience with the Bazaaz unit? I saw a dyno map from them that had a wr making 54hp with a pipe and a tune!!!!



Try www.supermotojunkie.com on the wheels.

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