400 hard to start?

Are yz/wr 400's hard to start? As hard as a 426? Do you still use the same procedure?

They start the same as the 426, but the older carbs make them fussier about getting everything right.

My 426 is very easy to start you can start it with just gym shoes on with 1 kick hot or cold.

It the set up if your willing to put a Hotcam and get the carb jetting right they can be a very user friendly bike to have.

Before I put the Hotcams in the bike I had to do the put the motor on TDC give a good kick it would fire up but you had to go though cycle the motor though with the compression lever in until you found TDC.

You dont have to now but I still do out of habit but you dont have to use the decompression leaver if you dont want to.

Your other choices buy a newer bike or buy one with a E/S button.

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My 400 started outstandingly well if you followed the procedure. Jetting to suit of course. Almost impossible if done incorrectly.

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