top end ticking.

well after all of my happiness in completing my first valve adjustment, i now have an issue. haha. first rip after doing the adjustment things ran fine. i went for a ride today and from start up i had this light ticking coming from the motor. im going to pull the valve cover back off and re check things but does anyone have any idea what the suspect may be. just so i know what to look for.

Were they tight before? Loose valves are ticky valves are happy valves... Usually

A light ticking usually means slightly excessive valve clearance, which isn't that bad of a situation. Not compared to too tight!!!


ok so that is a possibility. after i reshimmed the right exhaust valve it was right at the max of the spec range. so that would make sense. how is a little loose ok.

as long as it is in spec its okay in my book. looser is gooder.

Being on the loose side of the acceptable limit, will only cause the "ticking" sound that you are hearing. Whereas, being on the tight side, will cause your valve to "burn up", or worse yet, meet your piston at high rev's. Yamaha specifies the clearance limit to keep both the "ticking" sound from being excessive, and to keep the valve from "burning up". Don't venture to far from the specs suggested by Yamaha, and you'll be fine.

If you are a perfectionist, you can take a shim size that is too large and lap off some of the thickness with a flat plate and some sanding paper, to create the perfect sized shim. Just make sure to use a flat plate to keep the shim square and to remove the material from the side that has the thickness printed on it. That way, you'll have to measure it, seeing as how the number will be removed. This will keep confusion from setting in!


ok. ill try to get the right sized shim first and do the sanding as a last resort

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