wr450's may wanna check this

So i'm working on my bike after my last crash and decide to look at the starter gears since there has been so much talk about the 04 setup.I pull the cover off and see a broken piece in my side cover :D I don't know what happend but it looks like a mount in the ignition cover broke that held a shaft for one of the gears to ride on. I pulled the e-start off my bike for now and will get the 04 parts when they are available.Till then my bike is a kicker and may stay that way :) I had the hole for the starter welded and took out the starter gears.I took it out for a few miles to day and everything worked fine.

Here are the pics:



Thanks Blue One! I will check for that this winter when I get the new cover and torque limited starter gear assembly.


Indy: what makes you think you're going to get the torque limiter to fit your bike??

i think the gears are the same, just an easy swap of the gear itself and the cover :)

i have the same problem. it is as if you took pictures of my parts! it looks like when the flywheel is tight and the idler gear doesn't slip, the next weak link is the side cover holding the idler gear 2 shaft. i had no problems with the bike. no indication that anything was broken. i pulled the cover to put in the "new and improved" idler gear 1 and there it was. i bet there are alot of wr's out there with the same problem. check the end of the splined starter shaft. i bet it looks pretty beat up, mine does. the area yamaha rep was not aware of this problem, so he's not in any hurry to help. no suprise there. i wonder if a couple hundred letters to the customer relations department would wake yamaha up!

to the guys that are concerned about the retrofit of the '04 gear in the '03 side cover. anybody with a lathe should be able to make the bronze bushing required. making a plug with o ring groove to fill the starter hole shouldn't be problem either.

Dan, Jack that gas cap up and slip a orange meat eater

under it :):D :D


I had no problems that I knew of either. That’s why I posted it's easy to check and could save a headache. I had my starter hole welded since the side cover was busted anyways. It cost 10 bucks here is a shot of it.


And here is an added benefit. I still need to hook up a more permanent ground.


Hey Dave,

Orange is too fast for me! I just have to keep my blue beast running. Let me know when you are going to Florida!

Good to see you posting on this forum again. I have not seen you on the KTM forum very much either. :)

Dan Dan Does that blue bike come with a full box of tools?

:):D :D

2004 KTM 450 EXC S12 Did not have to any thing else!!!

2003 Yamaha 450 WR SOLD

Yeah Dave,

The tool kit that comes with our Yamahas is for working on our buddies orange bikes when they break down on the trail! I will make sure to bring it on our Tennessee ride this month! :D You always have to get the last word in dont you Dave. :)

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