How to fit a Mikuni TM40 to a '92 XR600?

Hi All

I think I've mangaged to buy a TM40 to go on my XR600. The carb was fitted to a Harley, so I assume the jetting is going to be way off. Anyone got any base jetting settings for one of these carbs? I'm at sea level BTW .

Secondly, am I right in thinking I need some sort of adaptor ring to fit this to my bike? I'm sure I read this somewhere a while ago. But am not sure if its for the intake stub or airbox, or both, or better yet, none!

Any further tips you can think of will be gratefully recieved.



Has no one got a TM40 fitted? Someone must have. Share some settings with me please, pretty please, pretty please with jelly on!

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