Oil question (I know....)

Recently won a case of Valvoline straight 50w racing oil. It is hotter than a 3-balled tomcat here in West Texas these days, do you think this would be ok to run in my 06 450f? Thanks.

If you think you can stick to a routine of ten minute warm ups wherein you take it real easy for the first ten, then you can run a 50 as long as temps don't drop below 70 or so. You probably won't have any trouble with it, but keep an eye on how your clutch works at first.

Once up to operating temps, a 50 is no different than a 20w-50, which is a recommended grade for very hot weather. The difference is in how thick the oil is at 70 or 80 or 100 degrees.

Thanks Bro, I'll try it at next Wed night practice and post the results.

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