"Kill" Switch

I have finally made my 2003 XR650R street legal(AZ). I would like to add a "hidden kill switch", for those times that I may have to park it in a not so friendly environment. I already have a small switch. I would like to use the wiring under the seat for the in-line switch.

Any ideas on which is the best wire to cut/splice to prevent the bike from starting, and not hinder performance?

Any other ideas for preventing theft when parked away from home other than the traditional cable-lock or disc-lock?

Other than:

1. Large vicious dog(or badger) chained to frame.

2. Grenade pin wired to kick-starter.

3. Razorblade handgrip covers.

4. 10,000 volt electric charged seat cover.

Ride On! :)

How about simply putting a small plastic cap over the end of the spark plug and refitting the spark plug wire. You can discourage some drunk from doing something stupid. A determined thief will always be able to steal your bike.

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