50 mph+ hesation

I have a 07 wr450f and I made it street legal and I do 50 to 55 some times and when I do the bike hesatates like I'm hiting the brakes then letting off really fast it really small jerks but I can feel it. And idk what it is but it does stay at 55. Doesn't lose speed but I jerks alittle and I can feel it done many thing to fix it but can't figure it out. Please help. Thanks.

change your needle 1 clip

Do a search for the TPS or throttle position sensor and all will be explained including a "fix" VERY common issue. Unplug you TPS and go for a ride, see if it better.

Basically the carb and brain box were designed to run either wide open or off the gas, and a steady throttle can cause some confusion. Doesn't hurt anything, usually can't be completely fixed even after TPS adjustment but will get better, and is more annoying than anything. Some people never learn to live with it but I have and it's not a huge deal.

Understand that this bike in this state of tune wasn't designed to be ridden in this way. Accept that and you'll be happier!!

I have accepted it and it doesn't relly bother me but I'm bored and just wanna try and. Figure it out, and one clip up or down?

Can I move the needle with out taking the carb off or no?

do you still have the factory needle? if so it does not move. and it very well could be the tps.

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