suspension question (forks)

I find that I'm pushing the front end all over the place in corners (mostly my lack of skill I'm sure) and that braking bumps at the end of strait aways are beating me up. Do you guys have any tips to help with this? I assume I could soften the forks, but I don't want them to bottom any easier. They feel perfect with the exception of what I mentioned above. Everything is stock except I backed out a couple of clicks on the compression front and rear. I'm about 160# beginner at motocross and I ride only outdoor MX. I'm planning on changing the fork oil very soon, should I raise the level a bit and then back out on the compression clickers some more?


I am 165lbs and my clickers are at the stock position (I have found that they work the best here for my weight and riding style) and I replaced the stock 5wt oil w/ATF which is ~7.5wt...after changing to ATF I found that my seals no longer leak every 3-4 rides (b/c ATF makes them swell, yet there is still no stiction) I have had ATF in my forks for 9 months and have changed the fluids 2x and it works great. I am a Intermediate MX rider (who loves to jump LOL) I no longer bottom out on larger jumps and I dont get that "UH OH" feeling when I am casing a 100ft triple step up because my forks soak it up alot better. Im sure some people disagree and say, "ATF is crap dont use it." But I am satisfied and so are many other users (including MX tech which uses Mbbil 1 synthetic ATF) Hope this helps,



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Hey I just noticed I had posted 393 times (man I love that # LOL) Well now it will be 394 times hehe



I get my kicks on a 426!

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I'm not an expert here but I had similar problems with the suspension on sharp acceleration and braking bumps until I set the rear sag to 100 mm. That seemed to make BOTH the front and back track way better since the overall handling improved. I think it’s worth mentioning since I’m about the same weight and class and you said that all the settings were stock except for the clickers.

Like tryooda said set your sag.

At your weight the stock suspension should be fine.

Check tire pressure.

Then, I would work on body position. Get some weight on that front wheel in the corner.



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Sire Thump,

These guys are spot on. Sounds like the first thing you need to do is get the sag set. More specifically, lower the rear.

My suggestion is to proportionally set sag, front and rear, to available suspension, (see prior post). This generates a very well balanced bike.

Give that a try and reply back how it worked. Then perhaps we can fine-tune some of the other stuff.


set sag at 100 mm and soften up the rear settings a bit. Also, get as far forward on the tank as you can during corner entry. Elbows up. You need to load the front end more. Also, try a bit of front brake. This helps to load the front as well. Trail the front brakes into the corner. This all helped me quite a bit.

Use a zip tie around the slider to find out how much of your front travel is being used during a normal lap. The idea is to use pretty much all of your travel. You should barely bottom the forks on the hardest hit on the track. Use fork oil height to adjust that final bit of air spring to prevent bottoming. Compression damping will also limit bottoming, but it should not be used to its limit to prevent bottoming. Use heavier springs or more oil in the forks. The same applies for the rear (use preload/different spring).

I have a 2000 426 with 2001 supension, I weigh 190 lbs,

I have the oil height set to 90mm in the front (stock is 130mm). I use 5 wt synthetic fork oil from Bardahl. Comp=8, Reb=10, Ride height is stock.

Out back I have Preload of 100mm sag. Comp=L9/H1.5, Reb=9, Stock spring

I just did the BK mod on the carb and it rips: MJ 168, Pilot 45, air screw 1.75, Needle 1 clip raised, Accel pump duration .3-.5 sec.

Next I plan to try a 2001 needle to see if it works better. Although I heard that the 2001 bikes like the 2000 needle? Go figure.



If you still have the stock front tire on your bike, then that explains the push!! Listen to the others about the forks!!



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Thanks everyone for the tips. This past weekend was great! I didn't check the sag (set it at about 90mm before the first ride, no time to adjust it since...I'm married..) but I got up on the tank and kept the elbows up, etc.. and things were much much better. Also the track was dry and soft in most areas and I'm 100% better on this than I am on moist firm dirt. Nothing gives me a bigger smile than power sliding this thing through a 180 corner in 3rd gear. grin.gif I was actually doing some passing this weekend (as opposed to only being passed), woohooo! Also I noticed that on soft dirt the forks felt harsh with the same settings which felt OK on firmer dirt. I probably should have played with the clickers just to see what they do but I think my skill is the major limiting factor at this point so I opted for more seat time. Also it feels so perfect on jumps that I don't want to mess that part up. smile.gif A few more practices and I'll try a race! Thanks for the tips!

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