Quiet this thing down

My riding Buddy has a 2000 WR400 with a FMF power core4 Spark Arrestor. It is not quiet enough and is looking for a new SA Muffler that is as close to 96 db as possible. Any help out there. He thought it was a Q series but just told me it's a power core.

it probably needs to be re-packed

It's been repacked but is still loud. Is the new Q series mufflers quieter. How loud is your 450 with the Q muffler?

my exhaust is only 8 months old.I never have had it checked for sound dec. but its not loud at all.

I think all the sound checks are inaccurate anyway. Every event that I go to, there is at least an 8 decibel discrepancy between sound checks.

My WR450 with the Q tested at under 96 both times I had it tested.

I love the "Q"


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