Wiring tailight to be street legal

I have a license plate here in the states for my new 2012 WR450F. Ive been looking around for OEM parts niche's for the new wr but most of the parts suppliers seem to not have it up yet. I was going to compare part numbers to other country models to see if in other parts of the world where the bike comes plated, if the parts could be installed on the US model. I know i could always just grap a baja designs tailight and wire it up with a pressure switch but i kinda like the OEM tailight... Any thoughts?

You are going to find the other road legal tail lights to be monstrous affairs. Stock light does not have plate lighting capability (though it does have the brake light). Aftermarket light is the only way to have it all in one unit.

How legal do you need to be?

I use the stock tail light with rear brake pressure switch on both my WR's for Dual Sport. No signals and no separate light for the plate only. Never been stopped.

On my 2012 I did things a little differently. A few weeks ago I got laid off from work (and may be retired now because at 62 it's going to be tough to find work in healthcare IT), so I've got some time on my hands. I built my own license plate and brake light bracket. 2 strips of aluminum and some aluminum plate. I used a red semi-trailer LED clearance light for my brake mounted under the license plate. I live in Albuquerque and I want the crazy drivers here to have a really good chance of seeing me when I stop. The setup is quite compact and very visible.

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