Wiring UFO Plastics Tailight

I have a 2003 WR 450f. I have installed brake switches to both the front and rear brake. Two black wires run from each. I have purchased a UFO plastics rear fender see here: https://www.denniskirk.com/ufo/yamaha-enduro-fenders-w-light.p614662.prd/616478.sku

Anyway, I know that I have to have one black wire from each switch go to the positive terminal on the battery...but where do the other two black wires go?

The UFO fender/tailight has a running light, brake light and part of the tailight is clear to illuminate the license plate. The three wires on the fender are white, white and brown.

The three wires on the stock light are black, blue and yellow.

So, how do I get this running.... I have the connectors, do I splice the two remaining black wires from the switches into one and connect it to once of the wires on the new tailight? Do I connect the remaining new tailight wires to the stock wiring on the bike?

I know this is a lot, can someone simplify this for me? Thank you.


to start the 2 wires from each press sw need to be as one side of both to the batt, the other side of both switches get tied togetherand go to the brake light. to figure out the other part (wires on the bike) one of those wires may be a spare. to find out with out the wireing diagram unplug it and use a meter to findout which one is your ground. do this by useing the resistance setting. then one of the others should have 12 V on it I would connect this one to the running and plate light.

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