wr airbox mod

I sent an e-mail asking for availability. I think this is good direction to go for a terribly restrictive air box. Cool :)

Just be careful of adding more noise to the already loud pipe. Ranger Matt(aka ALF)at Stoneyford here in CA said that the WR produces considerable noise from the intake as well as the exhaust. I dont know if I agree 100%, but take it for what it is worth.

The WR450 needs this bad. I was one of the first to modify and open up the rear of my air box to allow air to come in from the side panels down the top of the rear fender and straight into the air box. No noise difference could I determine. Much better breathing! Made a big difference in performance when the bike is uncorked. :)

any noise coming from intake should be muffled because of the filter and would be oversounded :D from the exhaust :) shouldnt it

I am with you Danny! :)

These folks aren't very quick at returning e-mail.....guess I will give them a call.

Most people arn't very good at returning e-mails. I find that the phone is still the best bet to get an answer. It seems so primitave!

I wonder if this air box can be fitted to a 2002 wr 426 ?.

From the look of it. It seems that this set up can give access to the air filter from the side ?

That would be worth it just for the side access to the filter.

Do you know what mods have to be done to the side of the air box (for the 2002 and earlier wr) ?


i dont think its possible because they changed subframes, but if they did not then it would be possible, just the use of 03 seat, number plates, and tank, just the tank poses the problem because it doesnt fit, so i do not think that hte 03 airbox will fit an 02.. just my 2 cents :)

Call Denise at Barnum pro sports.. She's a doll and will help you out..760-868-8097... Good luck and good idea!! I agree that noise will not be a large factor and it's really cheap Horse power!! :) I don't see why you couldn't do it on a 426, you just cut a hole in the airbox with a hot knife and pop rivet the cover on.. You might be able to put the cover on so it could be removed but I don't think you could service the aircleaner from that small of a hole..

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