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nick names for RV.CR.and RD

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Ricky Carmicheal will always have the title as goat as i dont think any will come close to his record, JS was the FMOTP but that should now go to RV and JS should be FIGJAM, Chad should be the Real Deal and RD could be the Sleeper

Any suggestions, please no haters

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The only interesting thread in months, and no replys?

How about RD; Jr, or "Little Man," seeing as he came up under "The Man."

CR, you picked a good one. Let's just hope Evander doesn't get upset with that.

I'd leave JS to "Bubba." Seeing he's from the south, and well, Bubba is so popular there, or umm, here. And I still can't help but think of "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co."

RV2, ummm, "The Fastest Lepricon on the plantet?"

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RD, I like JR.


RV, ?...I do kinda like RV

MA, Tonys boy.


JB, bam bam

BB, crybaby


Barcia should be crybaby not bam bam and Bagget already has an awsome nickname


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I am aware of that,I just don't like it.

Bam Bam could be cry baby too.

I like it when those guys show some real emotions on the podium. So maybe I should give Baggat another shot. Although, I'm afraid it would look like I'm jumping his band wagon? I will stick to rooting for Kroc and Wilson when he returns.

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JS-GRAPE:Greatest Rider At Practice Ever



CR-Speedy Reedy

Not hating one way or another, these are just a few I have seen around the hood.

Sooo is this supposed to be pronounced differently than his name???

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