ok,ok....I know this has been asked alot but I am looking for a newer/updated response to the following question: To all who own the 2003 WR450F (not earlier 426 or 400) HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Try to swallow your pride and be honest...do you wish you would have gone the Orange way (450EXC)? i plan on getting rid of my WR400F (love it but the e button sure sounds nice after dealing with my stallmaha) and want some honest answers for my next 4-5 year investment...of course this will all change if Honda comes up with a desert version of the CRF450 with e start. THANKS IN ADVANCE

Hey Kurt, The WR450F is a killer trail bike that handles great, has tons of controlable power, and is a blast to ride. Be aware of the dreaded flywheel key shearing problem. Mine has sheared twice and is in the shop right now. Buy the 2004 and it should be fine. They have updated some of the parts associated with the starter mechanism.


The WR450 is the best bike of the 2 for technical nasty trials type terrain. The heavy flywheel and bottom end grunt make this bike easier to ride in first gear in rocks or up nasty climbs! It is nearly impossible to stall. The WR450 is also more stable at speed. The KTM is quicker and faster in tight woods. Believe me you dont want to stall in the wrong places even with the e- start. :)

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