Gearing Question for a 650L

I have a 650L and ride the very rocky woods of northern PA. My gearing right now is 14/47 I would like to gear it lower because it seems when im on the trails 1st gear is fine but when i shift to 2nd its way too tall. I talked to some of the local shops in my area and they recomended to go bigger on the rear sprocket they said if i would go to a 13t front it would cause premature chain wear and would gear it too low. :)

Just wanted to get your guys opinion on this. Also if you recomend doing this what size rear sprocket should i get 50t,51t,or 52t

I ran 14/48 on my last L the whole 4 years i owned it.It was a tad too low for the street(would cruise at 55).I wouldn't go 13 on the countershaft(lotsa wear problems).I would try maybe a fifty on the rear.Your going to lose a lot of top end but if your looking for goat trail gearing.................... :)

ps. with 14/48 i could almost stop in second and idle around a turn and take off with out the clutch,it totally eliminated the first to second ( L ) gap.

Thanx alot for the info!!!! I will try a 50t for the trails and then switch it to the stock 45t for on the roads. :)

For mostly off roading and very little on road, 14-48 or 14-50 should do it. How low is too low? Depends on how much top end you can live without.

My buddy the Sheriff has the 13-45 combo on his 02 L and he has over 5K miles on it without any abnormal wear on the drivetrain.

I have the stock gearing and it's not good for anything except the pavement. I'm installing a 14-tooth countershaft sprocket just as soon as a wear down these stock TW "slicks" and throw on some new Pirelli MT 21's, especially the 130/90-18 rear. :)

I have an XR650l and I left the gearing stock. I found that 2nd seems too high for slow stuff, but you have to get used to running the engine at those speeds. I find that 2nd gear with a little clutch here and there is perfect for tight woods. I almost never have to shift. By the way, where do you ride? I'm also from northern Pa. We should get together for a good trail ride.

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