New Clutch recommendations

Hey Guys,

Just trying to get everyone's experience on new clutch plates. I hear the stock Yamaha ones are hard to beat. What are the best clutch plates to run on the WR series bikes? Thanks for the replies. :)

Come on Dan. You couldn't of fried your cluch already. Moab wasn't that hard on it. :)

My stock yamaha plates lasted till this summer. That is like 4 years.

DONT! install an EBC cluch of any kind. They SUCK!

I burnt one out this summer in 100 miles.

I have Barnet Kevlar clutch kit in mine andd it seems to be working very good.

I hear that Dunlopads is making clutch kits. Ive heard that there brake pads are awsome. If there clutch plates are that good they may be someone to look at.

Dan, Jack that gas cap up and slip a orange meat eater

under it. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!! :):D :D

Hey Don my clutch is fine but I feel better dropping in a new one every year since I am a high mileage user and not an abuser like you! Ha Ha! Moab was awsome! riding at home is so much less technical it is almost boring. :)

Dave you are one crazy dude! I hope I get to tow strap pull that orange meat out of the woods some day! Maybe in Florida swamps this winter? We got to hook up down there. :)

Dan Dan.....Careful, the hunter may become the hunted :):D

S12 front tire nothing nothing nothing nothing

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