Need to know if this is normal for 09 WR450R oil filter cover- see link

I have noticed a bit of oil that will pool up in the spot marked "B" on the attached picture. I changed the oil and filter and made sure that the rings were all in place. The only think that looked strange was the finish was gone on the BACK side of where I marked "A". You can just see a strip that is about 1/8 of an inch on the back side of the oil filter cover that you can see bare metal. I did not know if that is what is causing my pooling oil or if it is the line that I maked as "C" in the picture. Did not know if this was a crack or something.

If you have a 09 WR 450R (I guess 07 to 2011 - I think) can you look at your bike and let me know if you see the line next to "C". If you have the line then it has to be the area that the finish has rubbed off.


Thanks for helping out!


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Leaks at the filter cover are not normal. Your link won't work, so I'll just say that generally there are a couple of things to look for.

The cover should have 4 seals on it (actually, 3 in the crankcase cover and one big one on the cover). If any of these are hardened, damaged, or missing, that will do it.

If the cover isn't torqued reasonably evenly, or if any of the bolts are tightened before the other two are snugged up, or just overtightened, the cover can be distorted and not sit flat on the case. This should be rare.

Then there's the crack you mention. Any number of reasons. Porosity is a possibility, but a very remote one.

Thoroughly dry the area and dust it with a talcum powder (foot powder, baby powder...). The path the oil takes to get there will be easily seen.

Thanks for the info. I'll give the powder trick a try. I thought I set up piccasa rigth, but guess not. I'll try it from photo bucket.


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I used the baby powder trick and found exactly where the oil was seeping out. Thanks for the Tip! It is right between the A and B in my pic. I am going to grab some more rings and give it a shot. The bolts are cranked down a decent amount and they are even. Hopefully this will do the trick



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