Removing battery what' needed????

Ok, the battery is coming out, if I don't have e-start I don't want the 4.3 pounds up that high.. So what do I do?? Do I just take it out and hook the two wires coming from it together??/ Do I need a battery eliminator or rectifier or whatever it's called.?? Has anyone gone the next mile and taken the starter off too and if so how did you fill the hole or did you get the YZ case.. I would really appreciate any info on this process because even though I think you guys are going to do what Yamaha won't and figure out how to retrofit the torque limiter, I'm leaving for Baja in 3 days and I don't think it'll be figured out in time for this winter for me.. I'll replace the battery and starter in the Spring when I return.. Thanks Thumper Talkers all you guys make this a lot easier and more fun.. :):D :D

You are going to have to get rid of the starter ignition switch circuit and tape up the ends of the battery connections. I have not tried it but it should be easy.

I took the battery out about 2000 miles ago. All I did was zip ty the cables away from each other. thats it. I havent pulled the starter off yet. Sometime this winter.


I agree with crushedreams. I did keep my little ignition switch and it glows red as you are kicking it. I have no kill switch as it exploded back in Feb.I just use the ignition switch as an on of switch. I havent had a battery for a couple months. Tried to pull the starter and not enough room to get the shaft clear of the case cover so I think will have to remove the case cover and need new gasket so I too will wait till the snow flies to pull starter. Tim

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