Power difference from 400 to 426

Hey guys I am currently saving for a wr 426, but being the Craigslist junkie I am, I have found quite a few wr 400's for about 400-600$ less I'm just wondering if how much more power/speed/ tourqe the 426 has than the 400 facts would be nice but opinions are also appreciated

And are the 400's as hard to start as the 426's?

Thanks in advance

I don't have any experience regarding the power differences, but don't fall victim to the "hard starting" BS. Once properly jetted, and you know "the procedure", starting is a non-issue.

I agree with Pooley my 426 is the best/easiest starting bike I've owned. They just have to be tuned right and started correctly.

As for power I have a hard time believing there is a major difference in power between the 400 and 426--or the 450 for that matter but I could be wrong. If i remember right the 426's received a bigger clutch, Ti-valves, updated carb, higher output lighting coil and larger rod bearing as well as a few other things. Not sure it thats a deal breaker or not... Sorry I can't be more help.


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I have ridden a 400 and 426 back to back and the power difference is minimal if any.The 400 has stainless valve which are more durable.The 426 has a different clutch and crank(as mentioned)that is stronger.

The only thing I can think of as a difference is in power delivery. I have a friend who used to ride a WR400 and now rides a 2003 WR450. If I remember correctly he said that the 426 has more of an aggressive "hit" over both the 400 and 450. Against the 400 it was mostly due to a bit more power, lighter valves, faster reving etc, but against the 450 was likely due to the computer mapping making the power delivery a bit softer in the 450.

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I own both a 2000 wr400 and a 2002 wr426 and I am not able to tell the power difference. The 426 has larger front disk brake and better radiator. I wouldn't let the differences in the 400 and 426 be a deciding factor in your purchase of a wr. It's best to find the best operating shape wr and get it when buying used.

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