Sprockets, Chains, etc.

So what's the concensus on ideal sprocket size for the YZ426 for mx/enduro? Even though I've learned to keep the RPM's up slightly when landing jumps and cornering, I still can stall the beast in the corners occasionally-which I'm sure the 48T rear contributes to. Does the 51T limit top-end too much for XC? And what about chains - DID or Renthal? O-Ring or not? Steel Rear sprocket or Aluminimum? Everyone has their preferences but majority rules-usually.

Most have opted to move to a 50T rear for MX but some XC folks won't want to lose the top end (if you can go that fast though you probably don't need my help). One thing most people mention to help with stalling is a flywheel weight. The most common I've read about is a 12oz weight. Steahly (sp?) makes a good one. Flywheel weights provide more rotating inertia that makes the bike harder to stall, regardless of the sprocket size. Hope this helps.

I have a 51 tooth rear sprocket and had no complaints till we went riding in the desert and my wife' YZ125 had more top end speed than mine did. I'm going to a 50 tooth sprocket, mainly because I ride mostly motocross. If your gonna do a majority of your riding at speed, steer clear of the 51 and possibly the 50 tooth rear sprocket, and like the above post said, slap a flywheel weight on there to help remedy the stalling problem. You may wanna turn up the idle a little bit as well.


I've tried just about every size of rear sprocket, including a 53. I finally settled on a 52, and thats with a steahly 12oz flywheel. The 14/52 really works great for tight woods work. Good luck.

I was beginning to wonder if I was buying defective chains until I recently bought and installed a D.I.D X-ring. Every other chain stretched quickly and I tried an ERT, Renthal Gold O-ring, and a Sidewinder platinum. The D.I.D X-ring has been the only to please me.

I also run a 50T Steel rear sprocket and have found that the extra weight of the steel adds a "flywheel weight-like" effect. MXA also recommended a 50T rear for the YZF400/426 for motocross..if they're opinion counts to you!

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