Bike won't shift into neutral while running

So I have a Rekluse, but I tried adjusting it one way or another and it doesn't seem to help, clutch is working fine as well. My bike use to always shift to neutral no problem while it was running. Another symptom is it is hard to shift from 1st to 2nd at idle. Seem to have no problem while I am actually riding.

Any ideas?

The clutch is dragging excessively. Either your installed gap (on Z-Start Pro models) is wrong, or your clutch plates need replacement.

What model Rekluse are you running?

Thanks for the insight Gray.

Z start pro, it is about a year and a half old and I am not gonna lie I abuse the hell out of the poor clutch! This is following one of the worst mud races I have ever that makes since that the clutch plates are fried.

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Mine was getting fussy, so I bought a new set of steels from Rekluse (~$40), and got an interesting set of frictions from Yamaha. I have a support deal going with a company I deal with, and he provided me one of Yamaha's kits. His parts supplier told him it would be cheaper than the plates alone, and of course it wasn't really, because it had a lot of things in it besides the drive plates that I needed. The thing that almost made me send it back was that it was for an '08 and up YZF450 quad, and has different plates. I was concerned that this would be a problem with the ZSP since it was engineered to work with a different set of plates, but after talking with Rekluse, I tried it, and I have to say that I may have stumbled over something here.

The correct clutch would use 8 5TA-16321-00-00 plates. The kit from the quad included two of the 5TA plates, but the other 6 were 5VY-16321-00-00 plates instead. These originated with the R1, have since been replaced in the kits according to the catalog by 4X7's, but they work really well in the Rekluse. The stack should be assembled with the 5TA's first and last, so that they are in contact with the aluminum face of the boss and pressure plate, with the 6 5VY's in the middle. I had to reuse the thin .040 steel plate from the old clutch to get the gap big enough, but it releases very cleanly, and will allow starting in gear for race starts now. (It won't do that by the end of the race, but I don't care). The stack seems to be holding up very well, too.

I would recomend replacing your current plates with a new Rekluse steel set, and OEM Yamaha plates, 2x5TA-16321-00-00 and 6x 5VY-16321-00-00.

Thanks Gray I will look into it.

One last question Gray.

The clutch is not slipping, so would that still be my issue?

More than likely. Mine wasn't slipping either, just dragging and not releasing clean.

Another thing to look for is any witness marks on the inside of the clutch cover that might indicate the pressure plate is coming into contact with it. There's a raised area on the inside of the cover behind the Yamaha logo, and mine was touching this lightly at first. I whittled it down a little and it was all good.

Ok thanks again.

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