I didnt think it could happen to me!

my countershaft oil seal blew (had u going didnt I). just riding back to the truck and i stop, notice oil dripping on the ground. %^&$, why now? at least i was only maybe 20 yards from the truck when i noticed it, lots of oil still left. The part i dont understand is that it was NOT overfilled, in fact it was 1/2 an inch below the upper mark when i checked it after warmup. vent was also not pinched. Its like it just decided to spontaneously blow on me. Anyways, i would recommend anyone with an '00 650R change it if you havent already, i think i did everything right and it still blew. Im just glad it didnt let go in the middle of a swamp or something. This is the first problem ive had with the bike though, maybe i should do the clutch bushing this winter. JR

Wow that sucks man ! I have an '00 650R also, and so far that hasn't happened, but I don't want it to happen either, so I better go ahead and replace it. Hey on the clutch bushing, I've read that if you don't let it idle in gear with the clutch pulled in, that it won't fail? I wonder if that is true? Mine hasn't failed yet, but who knows when it might. Other than that, these bikes seem to be pretty reliable, since nothing has broken on mine yet. Well, except the thermostat is stuck open, oh well no biggy.


PS> forgot, the rear shock linkage has ridden to the right and causing some visible wear. I put a brass washer in between which stopped it. Read about the fix from a guy in this forum.

I'm kinda wondering if the clutch bushing isnt a safer than sorry thing. Its like 8 bucks or something and when its -30 with 2 feet of snow on the ground riding sucks anyways. I think i am probably going to tear the bike down to the frame this winter and check everything, rebuild my forks while im at it and dual sport it. We'll see how it goes, JR

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