6'2" 225 pounds... Wr 400 enough power for me?

I've been saving for a wr 426 for a while and I'm I've found wr400's for alot cheaper... My riding skill on a dirt bike is probably a 6... 1 being novice and 10 being pro and I've never ridden a 400... Will it be enough bike for me?

Yes , I see people your size on the 250 4 strokes. I'm 180 and it has enough power to flip me over easy

The power difference between a 400 and a 426 isn't all that much. Noticable, but not substantial. And both will work just fine for rider skill levels all the way up to 8 or 8.5 easy enough. It's mostly rider skill that determines a win anyhow, not the bike.


it will be plenty! A little less power will probably make it easier to ride.

Thanks guys! It's aperciated alot

If you're worried about power when purchasing a stock bike don't be. I bought my 400 bone stock and it was less than remarkable. But I took off the airbox lid, threw on a stock pipe from a yz400 (25 bucks on fleabay), cut the grey wire, did the yz cam timing mod and jetted it and it is a completely different bike with a LOT of attitude. After this you basically have a powerful yz400f engine mated with a wide ratio trans and a flywheel weight. Best cheap 4-stroke for harescrambles? .... :ride:

Absolutely! Makre sure it's properly sprung for your weight and the gearing is suitable for the local terrain. At 225 pounds of muscle you'll rip on the WR! Have fun.

Yeah, I'm 250lbs and my uncorked 450 will make me look silly if I let it. Things get blurry pretty fast.

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