BRP taller softer seat foam?

Hello all,

I've been reading all the good stuff for a while but I finally got around to signing up!! I just got a 2003 BRP :jawdrop:and gave up the trusty old XR600 and man do I miss the seat. Has anyone tried the taller softer foam from baja designs? Is it better for us old guys that need the softer touch????? Thanks guys.

I don't have it, but I've talked to a few riders who went with the tall/soft seat foam and they raved about it :) It looks a little funky with the seat sitting up taller, but I'm sure it feels a good bit better.

I have not ridden the Baja seatfoam, but I have borrowed a buddies Moose tall seat (a rebadged SDG) and will be ordering one soon. :) It was really nice with a gripper cover and being it was the whole seat it is a snap to switch back to stock.

I will confess that I try not to sit much, I will drop into the seat to "flat track" a corner in my own vane attempt to be as smooth as Chris Carr. :D The gripper cover helps me hold the bike with my knees, but could cause a wicked case of monkey butt :D if you ride mostly seated.

Thank you guys for the info. When I am riding the dirt I try to stay off the seat also until I find myself so far back on the trail and halfway back I'm lucky to be holding on to the bars let alone up on the pegs (out of shape thing) It really gets me however when I take a back roads ride over to the coast and I spend most of the time in the saddle....ouch! I think I will order the foam and cover here real soon. I don't think the complete tall seats that I have seen and what you guys mentioned are softer than the stock seat just taller. I like the idea of a complete replacement unit so I can keep the stock one intact but I don't think that is going to help the :) issue.

I have the BD tall, soft seat foam and seat cover. I love it. It is not as soft as your XR600, but it is a nice compromise. It will take away a bit of the nice appearance and lines of our beloved BRP, but it sure makes those days of long rides much more enjoyable. I'd do it again for sure, and you won't regrett it either.



Thanks for the info. I appreciate it!!


I had the BD tall seat and then went to the SDG tall seat. The SDG is a little narrower and not as bulky looking in the back. You can buy a SDG complete seat cheaper then buying the foam and cover. :)

I put the Baja Designs tall seat on my 650R (along with a 4.6 g tank, speedo., rear rack) and it is MUCH better. I ride the XR on the street exclusively lately and the stock seat was killing my butt on rides over about 150 to 200 miles. Did over 300 one day and was miserable. I too like to ride out to the coast and up and down it. I'm in Marin Co. I put the Moose/SDG complete tall seat on my KTM 400 and it is only slightly taller and softer than stock.I really wish I had put the B.D. seat (which is really made by Guts)on that bike. I am 6'4" with long legs so I need help to keep my legs unbent.

I was aprehensive about installing the foam and cover but I'm glad I did. It came out perfect and I think it looks much better than the stock seat. The seat on my '01 was sort of a sick pinkish red color and sort of flimsy looking.

If you are 6' or taller you will be very happy. I havent done any long rides on it yet butt I can tell it will be very nice

Where are you? Wanna hit Highway 1 sometime?



Thanks for the info. I'm just up the road from you in SRosa. Send me an email and perhaps we can link up sometime and go for a ride :) Especialy after I get the new seat set up!!!!


got your new seat yet?

If you want I have a tall/soft foam sitting in the garage. I took it off when I bought the bike and put the stocker back on. If you want it pm me and we'll talk.



Thanks for the info. I sent you a PMessage and hopefully it worked (first time for that, hope it worked) If not reply back to the forum and I will try it again......

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