Stock sprocket & chain

I really hate to start another thread on this subject which seems to be the subject of the week. But, I have a question about the stock spocket and chain. I have searched the site and several responses say that the stock sprocket size is 48t and the chain is 116l. My concern is that my sprocket on my '01 yz426 is clearly stamped 49 and I count 114 links. Am I missing something or what? When you count the links do you include the master link? When you get a new chain do you figure in the master link?

Like I said, sorry to beat this subject into the ground, but simply put you guys have been helping me out a lot. Thanks in advance for you help.

The stock rear sprocket is 49 Teeth. If you are concerned with the chain length because you intend to buy a new chain, throw all logic out the window. My manual says the stock chain length is "113 links + joint". Yet I just purchased a D.I.D 520-120 O-Ring chain and I only removed 2 links to get the correct chain length. I've made the mistake of buying a chain and cutting it to the exact number of links recommended in the manual only to find It was waaaaaay to short. I have the 2000 model, but I am pretty sure the specifications are the same.


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