JD Jetting Kit Needles. Same-Same?

So I started to install the JD jetting kit on my 2011 WR450 and quickly realized that it would be easier to tape a nickel to the handlebars, and shove the whole bike off a cliff, then actually get at the carburator. And I'm leaving early for a ride, and have lots to pack.

So now I'm thinking about just taking my 2002 426 and jetting it for the ride ( 8-10K feet ) Much easier to get at, this bike runs cherry everywhere. I can't find a local JD for teh 426 kit in time, but can easily find jets. So I'm wondering of the needles supplied in the JDY001 kit and the JDY006 kit ( or all of the kits maybe ) are the same. Message in to JD, but so far no call back. Anyone?

For the WR 426 just drop the Main one size and pilot one size (assuming it was running good before) Leave the stock need alone. It will work great!

this can all be done by loosening the carb clamps rotating the carb clockwise to expose the bowl and change jets.

The 2011 will require more patience and time.

I'm interested in this as well, I have an 01 426, and a jd006 kit. The parts fiche for stock shows different needles, but side by side, they look identical. Granted I don't have a slide caliper at my disposal to measure the needle diameters, but they "look" the same. The tapers on them also look very similar. Does anyone know what negative effects would happen if I used the jd006 blue needle on an 01?

Sure, they "look" the same, at least to the naked eye, but they are different. Same as looking at two pistons. They "look" alike, but one is definately going to measure differently than the other. If you do a search over in the "Jetting" forum, you will find your answer.


Update on this. I called JD, and the needles ( in the JD kits anyway) for the 2011 WR450 AND THE 2002 YZF426 are in fact the exact same. Jets and needle positioning would be different of course, but the needles themselves re interchangeable.

I ultimately installed the JD kit on the Wr and just did a lot of swearing, and cursing of the Japanese people, but I got it done, and at 9500 ft, it ripped.

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