Want my 04 WR450F street legal in California. HOW?

Hi, first time on here and very happy to see everyone getting along so well. Great site! good idea. It's nice to meet all of you.

Here's the story. I just got my 04 WR450F yesterday and ordered a dual sport kit along with a couple of mirrors from baja designs. I didn't realized until after ordering and then reading the frequently asked questions that I can't make it street legal. This is what I found:

4) How can I license my Red Sticker bike in California?

If you have a 3 or a C in the 8th digit of your VIN # and the bike's model year is 2003 or newer, you will not be able to get a license plate for your bike in California. It can be licensed in other states, but California will no longer allow you to transfer your street title back into this state. If your bike is a 2002 model year or older, the bike can be licensed in California with a dual sport kit and the proper equipment. As of March 24, 2003, a bike with a 3 or a C in the 8th digit and is a 2002 model or older, qualifies for a green sticker. Green sticker bikes can be converted to street through the DMV's dual registration program.

Unfortunately I have a 3 as my eigth digit. I know too that I have to get the paperwork in before January 31st, 04. Does anyone know how to get around this? I don't have property or residence in any other state but California. If you don't wish to post, you can email me at patrick835@yahoo.com

One last question. I want to get rid of all the power-prohibiting gadgets that came with my WR. I already got rid of the baffle (flute looking thing with a hole smaller than my pinky). What can I do next? I don't want to add any extras just yet, just improve what I have.

Thanks for your help,


you have to transfer the bike to nevada, arizona or another state, and then get a liscence from that state, which works the best if you have an out of state residency, however i dont recommend it as if a ranger sees you on one then he has the right to still ticket you under the law that gives him power to give a ticket to any high pollution motorcycle (categorized by the 3 or c in vin i think)... basically there is no way to legally dual sport it :)

plate it as a 1998 wr400 :)

cheap insurance :D

Easy answer... you can't.

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