Bad Idea.....

I was looking for some parts for mine XR 650 L and tried the , a friend of mine told me about them.

So went there and spent u$ 120. That was 45 days ago, until today they never answered my mails asking about when it wolud br shipped, the order status is still '' in process" when i check my account there, and the worst part is that Visa charged me and now I need to ask for refund. :)

Never more....


04' KTM 450 EXC

95' XR 650 L

Don't bother asking them for the refund. Just tell Visa that you didn't get what you paid for and let them deal with it. You can bet Partsfish will respond to Visa.

You know what, you are right, I will let them get worried and not me. :)


Your experience is almost identical to mine. I ordered from them twice. You will eventually get your parts, but it takes forever!

I have never ordered anything from them that was in stock. After the second order I gave up as well. They ended up (after a phone call) giving me the parts with free shipping. It took 90 days to complete the order! :)

Use I have used them a lot, and their prices are always lower than partsfish or bikebandit, and I have always received my parts within a week or two.

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