EXP 2.0 and 2006 clutch in 2008 450

I read in another thread that the 2006 clutch can be used in the 07-09 bikes to make the clutch more rugged (since it has an extra plate). I have the Rekluse EXP 2.0, which requires the removal of a couple plates to make room for the auto clutch unit, so I was wondering if the conversion to the 2006 clutch might be worthwhile?

I wouldn't bother if I had to buy all the parts new to make it work since the expense would be better spent on upgrading to a better Rekluse model, but I found the whole clutch unit (minus the basket and the arm that's pulled by the cable) off a very low hour bike for only $35. Do you think at that price it would be worth doing the conversion?

I would be getting everything in this pic except #'s 1,2,18,19. But I think I also need number 19 to make it work.


Yes, I would do it if I was using an EXP 2.0. The only parts that are different are the pressure plate and springs (OEM springs are CHEAP, buy some new ones), plus the release arm. The extra plate should prove valuable with the EXP.

Is 19 is the release arm?

Yes it is. Easy to replace as long as the pressure plate is off. Just draw the push rod out and lift the old one out. The push rod actually retains the arm.

Is there a range of years I can source it from, or is '06 the only one that will work?

Thanks Gray!

'06 only, as far as I know. Not so expensive you can't just buy one new.

So I stuck the parts in my bike today. But when I went to try it out, it seems like my clutch isn't releasing cleanly. When I got it adjusted for the right freeplay gain, the bike wants to crawl forward at idle.

I read through the directions again, and realized that '03-06 bikes are supposed to use a throwout spacer with the EXP 2.0. I don't have it. Can I invent it? I have a washer that would fit, but I'm not sure of how exact the spacer width needs to be. I could easily get a washer in whatever width I need if I knew what the measurement was... Is it safe for me to figure it out by trial and error or do I need to wait 3 weeks to get the part from Rekluse (I'm in Canada, our distributor orders the parts from the US before repacking and sending it out to me - so it takes a long time).

I could just take it all out again and go back to the '08 style clutch while I wait for parts, but taking my clutch apart is started to get old.


I tried putting in my thinnest washer (1.2mm). Without a washer, there is a small amount of freeplay before the release arm starts to push the pressure plate. With the washer, all the freeplay is removed. Should I put it all together and see if it works? or do I need a bit of freeplay? I could just sand the washer down a 1/10th of a millimeter at a time until I detect a trace amount of freeplay, but I'm just guessing.

Edit #2:

Figured I might as well try it. Putting in the thin washer helped. It still drags a bit, but not enough to propel it forward on it's own. I presume that since it's still dragging, I should try a thicker washer. The other washer I have on hand is 2.3mm wide. Seems like a pretty big jump to me, so I'm not sure if I should try it or just go by some others in a range and work my way up.

Edit #3:

No dice! tried the 2.3mm washer and it was too thick. Couldn't get any freeplay gain. The release arm is all the way back pushed against the cases (like in the image below except with the cable attached). I suppose this means a trip to the hardware store is required.


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I picked up some washers from the hardware store today. Got a 1.5mm and a 1.9mm to try out. I'm going to give the 1.9mm a try first since it's inner and outer dimensions are an exact match (the 1.5mm is slighter too large in diameter).


Well, that wasn't the easy way... but for the record, Success! (at least so far as I could ascertain from my backyard experiments).

The washer I used was a 1/2" - Hillman SAE Flat Washer. On the off-chance someone else has the same question in the future, the measurements are: 1.9mm wide, outer diameter 27.0mm, inner diameter 13.5mm.

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