'98 stator

I pulled off my stocker,a nd up-graded to a '00 WR stator, which puts out about 50-60 more watts.

Question is, is my old stator worth anything to the YZ guys? Will it fit on and give them the ability to run lights?


Yes it will work on a yz. Granted it has less wattage than the newer models which it sounds like you already found out IE your upgrade.

Im told it needs a small mod to work with the yz CDI.


Brandon, are you thinking you'd like to get rid of the old stator? I don't need much, just would like to be able to license the bike-no real need for lots of wattage... What's it worth to you?

Hey Thumple,

Yeah, I want to pass it on. It works fine, just does not push out enough wattage.

How about this?


My current computer is not working. I don't need the whole set-up, just the computer unit. $45.00.



Brandon, I sent you a PM... :)

I'm not positive about this but I think the YZF also needs a new rotor (flywheel) to run the lights. Someone please let me know if I'm wrong because I have a friend with a dual-sported YZF who might benefit from this because I also upgraded my stator and have an old one lying around.

If the wr stator is used on the yz then the yz will need the wr flywheen also. The yz flywheel will not work with the wr stator.

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