Rekluse EXP wow!

Always thought a rekluse was cheating, it absolutely is! Put the $380 version in my 2011 woods bike and I am absolutely floored! I've been struggling with the choppiness of the power in first gear. I have the G2 softer cam throttle, power tuner with smooth mapping, geared 13-50, and a ton of other woods mods. Clutch pull is definately stiffer but its amazing off road. Completely smoothed out the low end jumpiness, you can jam on the brake coming into a corner too hot with no worries, and I feel like I'm riding a trials bike! I could not imagine riding without one, makes everything too easy. I am shocked how much i love it!

I'm not shocked how much you love it!

Yeah me to, I use the Dyna ring and I love it, ive switched to the Left Hand Rear Brake now as well, its brilliant, like a Mountain bike on steroids! :)

Yeahhhhh boy!

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