I am not totally sure if wider is better or what. I think the dunlops that came on my bike work great. I also here they were designed for the 4 stroke to handle the torque. That way they last a little longer for the po' people such as myself

As for buying try this website. They have killer deals. (Motorcycle Accessories WHerehouse). I got my street bike tires there for $40 to 50 cheaper than anywhere else.

Hey Tom,

I can help with two of the three issues.

1. Tire sizing goes like this

M12 130/70/19 (Same tire I ride)

130 = width

70 = % of width

19 = rim size or diameter

2. email me at Tell me which tire/s you want. I know a guy who can beat ANY price you find...I'll find out about shipping.

Anyone else out there...if you want me and I'll find out the best way to handle this...

For example:

I bought a tire at a motorcycle shop (the M12) and payed almost $80 (stupid I know). Then saw the same tire at Walmart of all places for $65. This guy says he'll even beat that...that's a really good price.

As for #3...what setup is best...I still don't know that one. The M12 is holding up better where I ride here in Cal.

Ride On...



Rip the knobbies clean off !!

I agree whith SUnruh, the 739 is not fit to use in a fire. I finally broke down and bought some 756's and have loved every minute. My lean angle has gottem much steeper and the bike flat hooks up.

I bought mine from they were $100 for both front and rear. The local bike shop installs for another $10 each.



99 WR400f, YZ timed, MX-Tech suspension, Scotts steering damper, White Bros E-Series (12 discs), tapered header and a/f. Kouba T-handle for the fuel screw. Works Connection billet throttle tube and frame guards. Cycra Pro-Bend, triple clamp mount handguards. Thumper Racing rad guards, Renthal Jimmy Button highs, YZ Tank and IMS seat, YZ number plate, odo removed, de-octopussed (Thanks Clark) EKP #4, 50PJ, 175MJ, 100PAJ and 65 SJ at 500-1000' Thanks James Dean!

Michelins run funky sizing on there H-12,M-12,and s-12(hard,medium,soft). They say it is "european sizing" (I thought the metric system was the same everywhere?). The michelin Starcross tires have normal sizing like a dunlop( you will want an 80/100-21 for the front and a 110 or 120/90-19 for the rear). The 130/70-19 you are running is the same as a 110/90-19. I think michelin should get there crap together because they are confusing everyone(or at least conform to dunlop and bridgestone). You'll get the best tire prices on either brand at

[This message has been edited by mxchamps (edited September 27, 2001).]

Tire choice is, and always will be, a hit-or-miss proposition. I also found the supplied Dunlop 739G to be a "miss" for my area. It might work fine in other parts of the country. The 756 worked much better since it is aimed mostly at soft terrain with an eye toward medium-hard pack. I also had good success with the 752. I have a set of 755's just waiting to be mounted and tried for the first time. Perhaps certain tread designs work better for some riders due to the combination of their personal riding styles and their particular bike's handling characteristics.

I agree about Rocky Mountain. I've yet to find anyone who comes close to their prices. I bought the 755's from them and their final price was actually lower than the catalog and Internet price. When I place my order, they omitted the pliers from a safety wire kit and then sent another ENTIRE kit as atonement. The price for the 755 rear tire was $57. If that price can be beat, I'd like to know where.

Hey Tom,

Being is KC, MO and riding KS and MO only I run the 755Front/756Rear with great results. I have been trying other tires(Maxxis M6001, Supercross, and Vee Rubber 752 copy*extremely crappy lasted only one ride before destruction and some others) but decided to run the Dunlop Setup exculsively now.

For price I got my last ones at Pro-Cycle out of Springfield, MO for 60.00 for both the front and rear, plus tax. That is my first experience with them and they were pretty nice as the retail price on the tires was 63/front and 69/rear. But I walked in the door and they gave them to me at the price without me evening asking for a discount.


Scott #410

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'92 ZX-7R and '97 ZX-7RR

"Doesn't hurt till the bone is exposed"

"When cut do you bleed green? I do!"


I have asked for tire info before and I have read many of the previous posts on the subject but I still do not know what tires to choose or the best way to buy them.

I could use some addtional help on this please..

I ride in KS and it's mostly hard pack to dry loose stuff..

Currently have a Mich. M12 130/70/19 on the rear and a Dunlop K490 80/100/21 on the front. Both seem to be terrible on my terrain. The front end washes out easily and the back end slides out on any hard corner. :D I am tired of laying the bike down 2 or three times every time I ride, I am starting to get some great nick names though..

I am considering buying a set of Dunlop D739's or Michelin starcross MH2's

The thing that confuses me is the sizing, how do you read the size info? :)

I think the first two numbers indicate width, side wall height and the third is obviously the diameter. If this is correct how does the different sizes impact their handling abilities?

On the rear is it like pontiac says - "wider is better" and what about on the front?

Lastly is there any place that has some great deals? I thought I saw a post a long time ago indicating a place that had buy 2 get 1 free with low shipping costs but I can not find that post.

I am open to any and all opinions on this subject as I want to reduce my trial and error.




i am a transplant from east east wichita (andover). i know ALL about the great flat land: flat as a board, twice as hard. all of my uncles farm in newton. i didn't know about hills, sand or rock till i moved down here. jeepers! the first hs race i was in i thought it was on a beach where i couldn't see the ocean!

i hate the D739 tires. they ONLY place i hear they work is a circle track with a blue groove and then not very long.

we have a good amount of hardpack and dust here. i have found the D756 on back to be very nice. a D756 or Pirelli MT44 up front works very well too. in mud, run a D755 or the Pirelli MT32A up front.

Interesting, I love all the input and appreciate the help on this.

It sounds like there is a lot to choose from and prices range even wider.

I am going to take 1/2 day off today and check some local shops and see what local guys are buying. That along with all the advice I have gotten might tell me which to buy... I will then check out all sites that were suggested for the best deals.


Again for all the input!

hey tom,

let me know how Jim's Import is doing?

i hear that K&N is now really big.

does ANYBODY ride at Boeing hills anymore?



Hey SUnruh, Jim's imports is almost exclusively into water sports with sea doo and yamaha. They are still stocking and selling a few bikes but not many. Their service department is also very watercraft oriented. infact I called and talked to a mech and I told him I had a 98 yz400f and he asked me how many miles were on it and when I said I did not know he asked why was the odometer broke.. ha ha I then had to explain that it was an off road bike with no speedo or anything.. Oh! was his suprise..

K&N is huge, they bought out Nichols Honda so now they are one company.

Nichol's has the Honda,Suzuki and KTM lines while K&N has Kawi, Yam and Duccatti lines.

K&N's serivce and parts are still not too great, they figure they own the market so they can do what ever they want. Nichols still has many of the same people working there so there is a little more emphasis on the customer but not like they used to be.

I am currently a jeeps member but the place is a little rough. People are still riding at Boeing hills but it's illegal to hit it there. Rumor is if caught they take your bike..

There is a new track in Kingman and we also have one in Hutch, Marion, Hilsbouro and in Yoder. So there are a few options but none too close. Many people are getting tired of the conditions out at jeeps but there is not anything closer and it's tough to get things changed out there.

Maybe my buddy and I should come down your way some time for a ride?

I heard there are some great places in Oklahoma which might be half way?

I had heard that the forestry service has opened a bunch of land up for riding in Oklahoma near the Arkansas border but I can not find more info on it..

Gotta jet now but thanks for the tire info. If you ever get this way with the bike let me know we can hook up.

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