Help! 09 YZ450 Rear Wheel on 06 WR450

I have a complete rear Warp 9 rear wheel for a 2009 YZ450 and want to use it on my 2006 WR450. The bearings I.D. on the hub are too large for my WR axle so I am hoping that I can just swap out the bearings to a different size. The Warp 9 hub is supposed to accept OEM bearings. Does anyone know what side bearings I would need or know the O.D. and width of OEM 2009 YZ450 bearings and the I.D. of OEM 2006 WR450 bearings?

Your 06 WR takes 2 different bearings in the rear wheel, while you 09 YZ wheel has three bearings (all the same)

2009 YZ450 rear bearing (needs 3)


2006 WR450 rear bearing



Might want to check and see if you can use the YZ rear axle instead of swapping out the bearings. Give All Balls a call and ask about the dimensions, they may have a workable solution for you. 888-228-3323

Let us know how it works out.

- Ken

On second thought, did you give Warp a call and ask? (801) 699-7979 Their website indicates that some of the Yamaha wheels they make will work with the WR, while some will not.

I contacted Warp and they said they have nothing and weren't helpful getting bearing dimensions.

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