Air Filter...aftermkt or OEM ?

I have a K&N filter on my 01 426 and it works great, I ride only in the dunes so I use a K&N prefilter, which restricts by 10%, but the filter is 30% better than the stock one, so I am 20% up. You do not oil the pre filter, so the sand and dirt do not stick to it like some other prefilters. The prefilter also helps deflect the water.

No complaints here.

Also, I was previously fouling plugs on occassion, the K&N has seemed to balance things out....haven't fouled since.


was there any difference in power compared to the standard filter? I know that they flow better than the standard units, but if there isn't a obvious difference out on the track, i don't think ill get one, especially since i already have a aftermarket filter.

SMP, does the prefilter work with a reg. K&N filter? THX.

DOC, the filter did seem to help out a little...more air more power.

Franky, yes the prefilter is made by K&N for thier filter.

I like the K&N much better than the stock setup, especially with the prefilter...hardly any maintenance, just dust off or rinse the prefilter after riding.

the stock filter looks like something to wash dishes with (i don't even know if i would use them for that)if you ask me ,i highly recomend the twin air filters i have used them on all of my bikes seince my 1982 rm125 and always had very good results (long top end wear with no sign on dirt entry) i wouldn't use anything else and no i don't work for twin air

there is a good post in the WR400/426 forum regarding the use of the K&N filter. You probaly already know....

Uni is the best i have found!!!

No Toil is a waste of time and $$$ You must use there oil and cleaner or it will fall apart... I tested it!

Stock is good!

Twin air is good too!

But UNI is the way to go!!!

2 piece design makes cleaning it easier!

switchin to crf450 soon!

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