gear to start in

What gear do you all start the race in? I haven't started a race yet but I'm thinking of using 3rd. It seems like 2nd would spin to much to be worth while. The track where I would race has a short cement starting pad and the first strait is what I would consider medium to soft dirt.


I have been practicing my starts and per an article I read. I use 2nd, both feet in front of the pegs and leave them there until I have to shift. Use the clutch to reduce wheel spin and if you can, use your heel to kick it into 3rd and then feet back on the pegs. Not that I can even come close but, I'm a try'n.



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Depends how long the start straight is. On a long start I use third but, it takes alot of practice to get it right. On shorter starts I use second as I can usually stay in second while the 2 strokes have to shift.

The bottom line....practice...practice and more practice.



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Second gear is what I've settled on. Since I pay for all my own expenses and I'll never be a pro, it's not worth the extra clutch wear to use 3rd gear on starts.

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