2012 WR450 frame guards

Hi everyone

Does anyone know where l can purchase frame guards for my WR450 2012 model???

Ive been searching everywhere and had no luck

YZ250F 2010 onwards frame guards do not fit..i seen this menitoned in another forum message

Have to say took my bike out for its maiden run in today and loved it...well done Yamaha l say


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Check with Hyde racing, they show them for the older models. They told me they are one month out on the skid plate.

Hi mc1hd

thanks for infomation.

i contacted Hyde racing and asked them about there frame guards

I even contacted yamaha australia and they didnt reply yet.

i have already the Bashplate for this bike. Our Aussie maker who is B&B, i have one of there plates...

Just missing frame guards, and the bike is done including all the BLING for it...


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