Carb O Rings

My '05 WR450 has a fuel leak. The brass 90 degree fitting for the gas line to the tank has o-rings sleeved into the carb body, and they've failed. This has happened once before and the local Yamaha dealer could only supply generic rings they had in stock. When they've looked at the parts computer, the diagram doesn't show this spigot separated from the carb body. Anybody else have this problem? Might have to call Yamaha's tech center and do some hollering tomorrow.

That's a Huge help. Thanks very much!

On thing i found is that Yamaha does a poor job of making the rubber carb parts avalible.

For the same year Honda 450X you can buy a 25$ carb kit with all the rubber parts including those elbow orings (there are two) and save the rest of the seals for midnight carb repair.

I called JD Jetting since they're here on the West Coast. They stock these and have some on the way.

Tell your dealer you want 3 of PN 3TJ-14564-40-00. Or, tell the parts guy to look them up for an '07 WR450F instead.

I used one from a Honda CRF 450 when my WR 426 started leaking. Dealer had it in stock - Brass fitting with O-rings was cheaper than just the O-rings from Yamaha.

look them up for an '07 WR450F instead.

I checked that on-line. You're right, they do show those rings w/part #. Thanks, guys.

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