41FCR-MX Carb

I have a chance to pick up a 41mm fcr-mx carb.

I currently have a 07 WR450 with all the freemods and a correctly jetted 39mm fcr-mx carb. It's not that I'm unhappy with what I have but if this will give me that little more for just the cost of a jet kit I'm all for it. My question is are these bikes already fitted with the largest functional carbs they can use and run or can the extra air fuel mixture be utilized. I see no reason to but something on just to say I have it.

Rs25 had installed a larger carb from a kx450

He has a way of making things that don't belong on a WR work pretty well

Good question! I guess, the answer depends on your riding style/terrain. Out here, more power is not the answer. Better, smoother power is. If it's a good deal, and you don't like it, re-sell it!!!


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