quiet pipe

Any one try a stroker sa pipe with the "dual sport" tip.

I'm looking for a pipe with somewhat more stealth than stock?

Any advise?

Originally posted by hempking:

Any one try a stroker sa pipe with the "dual sport" tip.

I'm looking for a pipe with somewhat more stealth than stock?

Any advise?

Don’t know about the Stroker, but I shelled out $300 (and that was cheap) for the FMF “Q” model on my ’01 YZF 426. Based on a few highly unscientific tests we have determined that:

1) My bike is now only slightly louder than a stock 520 EXC.

2) My bike is actually quieter than a 400 EXC with an FMF Power Core IV (or whatever they call that thing).

3) It seems to rob a little low end, but it still revs very well, easily as good as w/ the stock silencer.

4) It is much quieter than a YZF with (in order loud to quiet):

a) PC T4

:) R series

c) E series

d) FMF Power whatever (NON-Q model)

e) Stock silencer

5) It is also quieter than an uncorked WR, but not quieter than a corked one. But I doubt anybody would want to ride a WR with it plugged to that extreme.

Hope this helps.

I don't know which model of FMF Q series pipe Hick got but the one I got did everything Hick said. However on my 99 YZ400 my rear brake caliper hit the pipe when the suspension was compressed and put 2 dents in it. I also had problems getting the head pipe/ muffler joint to seal. FMF says it doesn't require a gasket but you can feel the exhaust coming out around the joint, then they suggested hi temp RTV, which lasted about 10 minutes before it blew out. I finally sent it back to FMF. They said they were working on re-designing it so hopefully they did so as it really is a good pipe in need of some fine tuning by their engineers.


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard stuff like this, I don’t know why but on my ’01 the caliper cannot hit the silencer. I haven’t measured it, but it looks like the Q silencer is a bit smaller in diameter than the stock can, but it is much longer.

I put new plastic on at the same time I mounted the silencer, there is a substantial tire burn on the inside of my rear fender but no dents whatsoever in my silencer. Weird. Maybe the 400 sub frame is a bit different where the silencer mounts up, allowing it to contact the caliper.

As for the pipe to header joint leaking, again, you aren’t the first I’ve heard complain about this (applies to all FMF pipe/stock header combos I think) but mine never leaked. The last time I had it apart I wrapped the header in silicone tape to make sure, but I don’t think it ever leaked (and I didn’t even have the clamp on very tight the first time). I’m thinking the 400 head pipe has a smaller diameter, because it seems guys with the 400 have more problems with the pipe to header seal.

Thanks for the post PK.

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