Anyone fit a YZF exhaust on a 2011 WR450?

Interested in hearing from someone who has actually done this. I've found all sorts of posts about how this or that SHOULD work, and that this year bike is the same as that year... but has anyone actually done it on a 2011? Interested in hearing about a stock YZF exhaust or aftermarket one. Thanks. Specific year of what you installed would help greatly.

There are a ton of posts on this topic already, just do a search. You will find all of the info you need and then some. Keep in mind that the YZ exhaust that will fit the '07-'11 WR's will need to come from an '06-'09 YZ. After that the YZ's switched to the new motor design that is completely different than the WR.

2008 wr450f with a full 2009 yz450f exhaust system. I installed the pro moto billet spark arrestor end cap so I could be off road legal. It was a PIA to remove the stock yzf end cap from the silincer but once removed the PMB was slid into place and riveted in. Perfect fit and love the power.

I swear there has been a thread on this every week after I posted up my results thread... search, douchebags

On my 09' which is exactly the same as your 11, I just fit up a 08 or 09 complete YZF exhaust with PMB end cap and quiet insert. Not sure about exact year of the exhaust, but they are the same exhaust anyway. Also did JD jetting kit and Merge Racing AP Spring at same time. This combo is really good. It runs great, starts better, no bog, better be ready it pulls hard in mid range. It rips. Roll on 3rd gear wheelies. It is also very loud. It's just like the YZ450 exhaust. Amazing coincidence I know....

I'll be selling the silencer soon to get a quieter FMF Q4.

It also fit perfectly.

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